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Why do you need an accountant?  When I ask this question, the response is usually pretty much the same – everyone has their own perception of what we do and how we do it, but seldom do they know why we do what we do.

As the manager of client relations & business development at Hobbs Sinclair, I deal with the why of accounting.  My role is a combination of keeping existing clients satisfied and building new relationships, whilst also ensuring that our team is effective and efficient in all aspects of our services.  I want to challenge and change how we engage with our clients, and effectively communicate the why of accounting to a broader perspective.

So what is the why?

We are not just ‘bean counters’ – we create value by contributing to sound decision-making through the provision of information that supports business owners in planning, implementing and controlling the execution of their business strategy, and personal financial philosophy of life.

The reality is that all business owners are faced with an ever-changing business environment in which they are forced to make ongoing decisions that can either “make” of “break” their businesses.

There is nothing that benefits businesses more in the long term than well-thought-through, educated decisions!

Hobbs Sinclair wants to engage with people and businesses that understand the why of accounting, so why not give us a ring?






Louwtjie Venter

Manager – Client Relations & Business development

Hobbs Sinclair Advisory

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