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Neill Hobbs

The announcement of South Africa’s unemployment rate, now reaching a record 32% is more than disturbing. On hearing these shattering statistics, we as Anuva are reminded of the significant role we are playing in the rebooting of the South African economy. We are grateful to be part of the Section 12J sector that, unlike many other financially stressed or crippled sectors, is contributing to job creation and job retention in this over- strained economic climate.

As at February (pre-COVID) 2020, Section 12J has been responsible for the creation of over 10 500 jobs and counting. We know that at Anuva, not only have we managed to save livelihoods through lockdown, but we’ve also created employment opportunities under the most destructive circumstances the globe as arguably ever faced. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The 12J investment sector is capable of more and, with the South African taxpayers’ buy-in, we have the potential not only to save jobs, but also, with venture capital, to assist businesses on their growth path.

It’s in the country’s best interest that investors take a serious look at what the Section 12J sector has to offer.

It’s a no-brainer really; eliminate your tax bill, knowing that your tax money is going towards a responsible investment that will help create jobs and alleviate poverty and unemployment while bringing you a decent return too.

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