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Hobbs Sinclair were given the opportunity to promote their brand in the Cape Town market by taking part in the CTCAA’s Annual Charity Auction, which was held on 18 July 2013 at BMW Auto-Atlantic, Foreshore, Cape Town.

The Cape Town Candidate Attorneys Association (CTCAA) is a dynamic body of aspiring attorneys practising law in the greater Cape Town area. The CTCAA serves a dual mandate. The first component of the CTCAA’s mandate is providing a networking platform for Cape Town candidate attorneys to network with members of the legal fraternity as Well as a broad range of young professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs. The second component provides for indirect and direct community initiatives. Indirect community initiatives such as the CTCAA Annual Auction and Annual Golf Day serve to raise funds for registered charitable organisations which the CTCAA has identified. Direct community initiatives are those initiatives which the CTCAA hosts which directly engage with communities in need, an example would be the collaboration between Equal Education’s ‘The Bookery’ and the CTCAA which culminated in the establishing of a library at Yellowwood Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain during the beginning of 2012.

This year, the CTCAA identified Tafelsig Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain and Zonnebloem Old Age Home as the two beneficiaries for this year’s Charity Auction.

The CTCAA sought to identify and support a sustainable project and the library initiative will ensure that this goal is realised. As such, the CTCAA in collaboration with the Bookery, a subsidiary of Equal Education, aims to provide Tafelsig Primary School With the general furnishings required for the opening of a functioning library. The library opening will be in collaboration with Trevor Manuel’s KhayaPlain Schools Intervention Initiative and the official opening for the said project will be during the month of August.


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